Momo 'མོག་མོག'


Professor Bedient, a Professor of Mathematics in Hamilton College said “While living in Philippines while doing Peace Corps, I learnt about America, its culture and tradition…much more than when I was actually here.” In living away from Nepal, I have also learnt to value my country’s culture and tradition even more, especially because I rarely get to indulge in them anymore. I will be sharing some interesting facts about momos in this website.

Made with simple white flour and water, with different kinds of vegetable or meat fillings in them, momos are the most beloved food in Nepal. Whether it is in an ordinary meal or a fancy party, or the streets of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, momos are cherished everywhere in Nepal. However, it was Tibetan people who first introduced momo into Nepal, and Chinese people introduced it to Tibetan people. So, I will focus on different aspects of traditional momo in Tibetan life since they are still inheritors of momo in Tibet as well as Nepal.